The perfect product for irrigation in specialised horticulture, thanks to its simple installation.

Apex PC Heavywall Drip

Superior clog resistance. Largest filtration area in its' class. Wide compensation range 7-60 PSI. Made with chemical resistant silicon diaphragm and MDPE body. Two flow rates. Unlimited spacing options provide design flexibility.

Quick Drop System

The IQDS for pivots solves several problems for growers including ease of installation, longevity of the drops and ease of adjusting the sprinkler height from the ground.

Insert Fitting Brochure

Our unique two step barb design makes there fittings the easiste to install in both oval hose and layflat, while helping reduce inventory requirements

Sand Media Filter

The Modular Sand Media Filter is an advanced filtration system, designed from the ground up, especially for media filtration, to provide the ultimate Sand Media Filter.