Since July 2014, IRRITEC is among the six companies participating in the European project “RIGA”, co-funded by the European Union in the key “CIP – Eco – Innovation”. Along with Irritec also the Center for Agricultural Experimentation and Assistance of Albenga and other four major partners: two Belgians and two Spanish companies.
The RIGA project (Microirrigationplastic pipes and drips with anti-microbial and anti-roots functionalities) focuses on implementing new irrigation systems (hoses, pipes and sprinklers) based on standard polyolefins, but with great innovative advantages such as:
– Anti-microbial activity and anti-algae without the use of herbicides;
– Improved functionality that is secured to the end of life of such irrigation systems, quantifiable in about 50% more than the traditional methods;
– Ability to reduce the amount of water used for the irrigation of various plant species – up to 5% – whereas a reduced need of resorting to the cleaning of irrigation devices compared to existing ones.
The project began in July 2014, it will last until 31/12/2016.
This project is mainly directed towards the reduction of water consumption compared to what we currently can offer. A concept applied day by day by Irritec in research and testing of new products and systems.
The experience of IRRITEC, leader for 40 years in the field of irrigation is combined perfectly with the objectives of the European project. The partnership with other leading companies will achieve major breakthroughs in the field of micro-irrigation.
The new irrigation systems, arising from design research, will be able to compete with the items already on the market and will be safer for plants, animals and the environment as a whole. The project results, in fact, are directed to manufacturers of irrigation systems to farmers operating in open field and in protected environment, the technicians operating in the agricultural sector.
The results of two years of intense project activities, seminars, workshops, meetings, tests and trials will be exposed during an interesting meeting that will be held on June 8, 2016 from 09.30 am at the Conference Room of the Research Centre for Agricultural and Assistance of Albenga . The workshop was organized by the partner members, including Irritec, to analyze the results of the activity resulting demonstration of the project and to review progress on the most suitable solution to increase irrigation efficiency in the greenhouse and in full.