IRRITEC, in collaboration with GRUSI (Irrigation Group Studies) is organizing a seminar / conference to be held on July 7th 2015 at the Theatre “Center of the Earth” at  “Biodiversity Park” of EXPO 2015 in Milan starting work at 10:00.

The event will have an informative nature and will see the participation of the following speakers with their respective themes of speech:

Gandolfi (University of Milan), The Many Faces of irrigation efficiency
Mastrorilli (CRA-SCA, Bari) The agro-technical hydro-thrifty
Altobelli (INEA, Rome) irrigation water footprint, for a conscious use of water in agriculture
Rossi (CNR, IBIMET) Irrigation for a “climate smart” agriculture
Lamaddalena (CIHEAM, Valenzano, Bari) irrigation “microportata”: strategies aimed at saving water
Provenzano (University of Palermo) Design and management of microirrigation systems for efficient use of water resources in agriculture
Mannini and G. Guidoboni (Consorzio Emilia Romagna, Bologna) The technological development of micro-irrigation
Anconelli and L. Corelli Grappadelli (Consorzio Emilia Romagna and Bologna University) Drip irrigation in ultra low delivery rate: technique and results
D’Urso (University of Naples Federico II), C. De Michele (Ariespace Ltd.) and M. Christmas (Consortium Sannio Alifano) The new support services to enterprise-scale irrigation and the consortium and the European Union guidelines
M. Giuliani, Gatta G., G. Disciglio, A. Libutti, E. Tarantino (University of Foggia) The role of agriculture in the preservation of water resources: water saving techniques in water reuse
Lonigro (University of Bari) Irrigation with treated wastewater on soil and vegetable crops in succession
Chirico, F. Scala (University of Naples Federico II) Use of photo-selective plastic films for saving water
Monaco, A. Tedeschi (CNR ISAFOM, Ercolano, NA) Monitoring and control of irrigation in greenhouses.

Here is the program of the day of July 7, 2015

10.00 – Welcoming entrance EST Roserio with Registration of participants Seminar / Conference
10.30 – Construction Start Seminar / Conference Theatre “Center of the Earth”
13.00 – Lunch Break (Free)
15.30 – Guided tour of the Biodiversity Park (with staff Irritec)
16.30 – Greetings and thanks

We remind you that the events have a limited number of seats.

Acceptances to participate to the conference will be sent to the following email address

For further information please contact the offices of DAVISION +39 0941 922691 / +39 0941 922693