On Tuesday June 16th the first of the 8 conferences organized by Irritec on WATER as an issue took place at Expo theatre  called “Teatro della Terra” (Theatre of the Earth).


This is the topic of the event organized in collaboration with MK Onlus (NPO), Bologna. After the welcome greetings by Mrs Giulia Giuffrè, Irritec Strategic Marketing Manager and by Maria Clelia Antonili, MK Onlus president, the TV reporter Mr Maurizio Marchesi professionally  conducted a real talk show focused on the need to develop and fully understand  the possible solution for farming in Burkina Faso.

Giovanni Spaliviero, the manager of the horticultural project of MK Onlus in Toéga, in Burkina Faso, explained how women are fundamental in the agroindustrial development of Burkina Faso, so as to lead the local government to introduce and support given projects concerning the cultivation of gardens that may not only fulfil the food requirements of the population, but also manage to economically support  the producers and sellers of local products. Salvatore Scicchitano described the importance of drip irrigation especially in African lands and alike. A comprehensive definitely value for money kit for horticultural drip irrigation. Alassane Guire – General Manager of Burkina Faso Ministry for Agriculture and Irrigation development – highlighted the collaboration between MK Onlus and Irritec. Mr Alassane Guire stated  “The competence of a drip irrigation leading company and the humanitarian skills of a Onlus like MK are the real solution for agrofood industry development in Burkina Faso, tangibly aiming  at teaching cultivation techniques to the women of our country”.

Mr Issaka Tapsoba, Representative of MK Onlus in BF and trader of agriculture machines, also partecipated in the conference and said “The importance of women activity in Burkina Faso is unquestionable. We need experts to instruct our women in order to guarantee cultivation and crop continuity. Mr Tapsoba said “this meeting strengthened a fundamental collaboration and I want to thank Irritec and MK Onlus for their support and professionalism showed in highlighting our project”

Andrea Romano, too, Secretary General  of UNIAFRICA (Union for the Development of Italian-African Relations) took part in the conference, drawing the attention on entrepreneurial development  connected to agriculture,  possible in the Sub Saharian African regions. The conference was concluded by a video about the projects and investments of MK Onlus in 2014 in Burkina Faso. Huge satisfaction for the success of the conference was shared by all participants, including a delegaton of an agrarian school from Campania (Italian region) who attended and carefully followed the whole conference, asking interesting and relevant questions.

Irritec is among the first companies introducing micro irrigation in Italy 40 years ago. Irritec has 5 regional plants as well as production plants in Spain, Mexico, Brazil and the United States, making it a world-wide leading light in the irrigation sector.  Important and strategic warehouses have also been established in Bologna, Algeria and, recently,  in  Ulm,  Germany.

With an efficient production network, made up of various associated companies, and a well-structured sales network, the company’s range of products and services is widely distributed in more than 140 countries all over the world.

Through the integrity and skills of over 700 employees working around the world, Irritec serves growers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers, from agriculture to gardening, landscaping and waterworks.

MK ONLUS is an association for promotion and social utility called “NPO -The Italian lions against diseases killing  children” with registered office in Venice, Mestre (VE), in Via Mestrina n. 6. The Association, which was founded and is expected to grow mainly among Italian Lion Clubs, with the support and the use of the tools provided by the Lions Clubs International,  is a non profit, non-partisan and non-denominational organization and, in pursuing exclusive purpose of social solidarity, aims to raise funds to implement, directly or through the use of external facilities, humanitarian actions aimed at improving the chances of survival and in general the quality of life of the people and in particular young people, with specific reference to the prevention and treatment of the children killing diseases.

The next Irritec Expo meeting will take place on June 30th, with the conference focusing on “Feeding the Planet, water for life” organized in collaboration with Athelsys. Participants will be, among others, Coldiretti, The university of Padova, Metropolitana Milanese, Federutility, Acquedotto Pugliese, ANBI, Barilla, Legambiente and Nestlè.

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