Yesterday, on Monday, April 20th , at the Hall of the Convention Center in Bologna, took place the press Conference for the showing of the Biodiversity Park at Expo 2015. The honors  were done by Duccio Campagnoli, President of Bologna Fiere, who exposed the ‘ambitious project designed by Fornasari and conceived by Emilio Genovese coordinator of the Scientific Committee. Also present was the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Maurizio Martina who in his speech highlighted how the ambitious project of the Biodiversity Park is especially important for future generations, view the reservation already happened to visit a number of schools that have the Italian ability to understand the range of biodiversity that our nation can guarantee. After the speeches of the agriculture councilor of Emilia Romagna Simona Caselli, Paul Carnemolla Federbio, the President of the CIA Dino Scanavino and Lucio Cavazzoni president of Black Elk spoke Giulia Giuffré Strategic Marketing Manager of Irritec, who explained how drip irrigation can be crucial for sustainable development echo that looks to the future and to ensure production efficiency and water saving. Giulia Giuffré has shown, in an interesting speech, the reasons that led Irritec to participate in the implementation of the Biodiversity Park dictated mainly by the knowledge that drip irrigation can be used for any kind of culture and that only this can help ” biodiversity “. The appointment is now for May 1, opening day of the long awaited EXPO 2015. The Biodiversity Park is now almost complete in all its majesty and beauty and fully irrigated “drop”.