Irritec Italy

The province of Messina is home to 5 Irritec production facilities. Via Industriale, Rocca di Capri Leone (a suburb of Capri Leone) is the location of the company’s operational headquarters, with the sales division and extensive production facilities. Irritec C – Capo d’Orlando, via Gambitta Conforto Irritec D – Capo d’Orlando, via Santa Lucia Irritec […]

Irritec Chile

Irritec achieves Chilean market, with the foundation of a new branch that allows growth of the latin american business.
The takeover of Chilean company Tecnoagro, well-known brand within the irrigation sector, allows Irritec to increase its branches around the world.

Irritec Brasil

A new Irritec base is established in Brazil. The South American country is in a period of strong economic growth, and our company decided to invest in major production facilities which, in conjunction with the Irritec base already operating in Mexico, cover most of Latin America. The new centre is at Rua José Vieira 289, Indaiatuba.

Irritec Mexico

Founded in 2001, Irritec Mexico continues its operations in the Mexican market with the aim of providing local farmers with the latest technology and the highest quality standards in all methods of irrigation – drip, micro or sprinkler. After more than a decade, the Mexican branch has succeeded in consolidating our presence in the country […]

Irritec USA

Following the enormously successful introduction of its products in North America, Irritec took the decision to serve the United States and Canadian markets directly from their own production centre. This is why Irritec USA Inc came into being in August 2009, with the specific mission of serving the United States and Canada, and meeting the […]

Irritec Spain

Established in 1987, Irritec Iberia is located in the El Pilero de Carmona industrial park in the province of Seville. A leading company not only in the Spanish market, Irritec Iberia has also put down roots in Portugal and Morocco. In 2012 new premises were opened, with functional office buildings and spacious, efficient warehousing. El […]