Innovative micro irrigation technology and methods becoming more widespread in the Middle East and the United States arrived in Italy too, with a growing need to develop new systems for agriculture and domestic irrigation.

The manufacture of tubing for agriculture and construction was becoming increasingly attractive, and the firm’s product range grew to several lines, each designed for a particular application. Irritec was founded in 1998, entering the irrigation sector immediately with threaded hose attachments.

The 90s saw the start of Irritec’s upward journey: manufacture of driplines in Siplast, the group’s other company, completed the range of products needed for the installation of an irrigation system. The current CEO Carmelo Giuffr√®, motivated by an unstoppable desire to grow and make a name for the company on an international stage already crowded with competitors, made the decision in 1990 to purchase the patent which would allow him to manufacture and distribute the first range of driplines; this was followed in 1991 by a second and in 1992 by a third range, all targeted at the micro irrigation market.

Following its first major successes in the micro irrigation sector, Siplast becomes a limited company in 1995, and in the space of a few years, having established a solid sales network, undertakes a programme of expansion which brings the firm from Capo d’Orlando to conquer the European market. Meanwhile Irritec continues to invest heavily in Research & Development. In 1997 Siberline, now Irritec Iberia, is born in Seville, Spain.