IRRITEC starring, on Friday July 24th  at the “Theater of the Earth” at the “Biodiversity Park” in EXPO 2015 in Milan, an interesting conference focused on “Sub-irrigation in agriculture and in the parks.” To illustrate the advantages and experiences of irrigation technique, not only technicians, but also customers Irritec, real “Customer Testimonials”, which showed the audience stories and experiences of their excellent products, appreciated all over the world and irrigated with Irritec’s items.
Giulia Giuffre Head of Strategic Marketing of Irritec, opened the congress, doing the honors and taking the opportunity to present the new Irritec Project “Green Fields”, currently being launched. A project close to farmers, sustainable and functional. The farmer, in fact, to deliver at the end of the season the used dripline, could call a company indicated by Irritec and responsible for collection, will get a double benefit: it will be rewarded with a bonus on your next purchase for having disposed the dripline, which is Irritec other brand, doubling the prize with a loyalty bonus for having disposed Irritec® dripline (All information on the initiative can be found at the following address ).

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After the opening session the seminar came alive with the intervention of Dr. Salvatore Scicchitano, Agronomist and moderator of the conference. Scicchitano explained with great skill advantages and features of a subirrigation irrigation system. “The subirrigation – said Dr. Scicchitano – in addition to being a system aesthetically functional, since the pipes are under the land, it is a system that guarantees great results, such as reduction of plant diseases, the reduction of machining operations to be carried out on the ground and a significant reduction of maintenance, resulting in a clear and water and energy saving. ”
To give value to the claims of Mr. Scicchitano, some customer testimonials, manufacturers of excellence of the agro food sold across the world, proud to explain how their crops and their products have achieved amazing results thanks to irrigation systems installed on their Irritec land, always a guarantee of reliability.
Sabino Leone, owner of the farm Sabino Leone of Canosa di Puglia, specializing in the production of oil, has won many awards with its valuable oil, the result of the traditional family, but also the technology and research pursued day after day . “In the ’90 – tells to the audience Sabino Leone – I met for the first time Irritec, at that time called Siplast, at EIMA, from there I felt the sub-irrigation system on a peach orchard using the drip 1.50 m. I was so happy with the result that I decided not to return to an irrigation standard for no reason at all. I can carry out the work on the ground too, even while I’m irrigating, the maintenance cost is really low, I amortized over the years the cost of installation with a noticeable savings. But above all, a few days ago, by removing from the ground a pipe of 1998 was not at all worn, seemed set for a few days. ”
Salvatore Scandurra, heir and now manager of a farm of family located in Giarre, in the province of Catania, after having presented his work, which has been ongoing since 1954 established itself in large retail chains, and all over the world with the finest table grapes and citrus Sicilian fine spirits, said as drip irrigation is the system of the future. “A few years ago – says Salvo Scandurra – I tested the Irritec system in subsurface irrigation on my table grapes, in which water is the main component. The results obtained, particularly in terms of water saving were satisfactory. The focus on water resources has always been a concept that my company pursues and it blends perfectly with Irritec irrigation systems, who can give proper nourishment to the plant, no more, no less, just everything it needs to become lush and strong.
Enza Milazzo owner of the Farm in San Cono, province of Catania, specializing in the cultivation and business of  prickly pearr since 1970. “When we started to market the Prickly pear – said Enza Milazzo – spending maintenance of the irrigation system was huge. Today, after 12 years of Irritec suirrigation system applied on our crops of Prickly pear, I can say that the advantage is total: water savings, but also in fertilization and the use of electricity, because the time of irrigation, thanks to this system is greatly reduced. Just follow the instructions of Irritec’s staff that always supported you and the maintenance will be very minimal.
At the end of the event Carmelo Basile of Fattoria della Piana, innovative Calabrian dairy, that since 1936 is in Rosarno, in the plain of Gioia Tauro, a case of excellence also for using a biogas plant that made of Fattoria della Piana the largest agro-energy central in Central and Southern Italy. “My relationship with Irritec are recent – said Carmelo Basile – some years  ago we have installed their system of sub irrigation on corn. Irritec advised us to try and this is the right approach, innovate is the only way forward. The sub irrigation is ideal both on clay soils and porous and provides less usurazione wing dripping. Our results were excellent.
The event concluded with a visit of the participants to the Biodiversity Park EXPO, entirely irrigated by drip Irritec.

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The Irritec is among the first companies to have introduced in Italy 40 years ago products for drip irrigation. In addition to the five Italian plants, Irritec is present with manufacturing locations in Spain, Mexico, Brazil and the United States becoming a point of reference for the irrigation sector in the international arena. Important strategic and deposits are operating in Algeria and Germany. Thanks to an efficient production network, consisting of different realities subsidiaries and to a well-distributed sales network, products and services offered on a widespread reach more than 140 countries worldwide. Through the professionalism and expertise of more than 700 employees working in the world, Irritec caters to growers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers, from agriculture to gardening, from landscaping all’acquedottistica.