Irritec and MK Onlus together for growth and agribusiness in Burkina

The last September 8th  at the “Theatre of the Earth” in EXPO, was held the second of two conferences organized by Irritec in collaboration with MK Onlus titled “THE PILOT PROJECT IN BURKINA FASO FOR THE TRAINING OF THE WOMEN TO THE SOLAR GREENHOUSE SYSTEM.  After the initial greetings of Maria Clelia Antonili, President MK Onlus, the moderator Maurizio Marchesi, television journalist, led with absolute professionalism and competence a real talk show centered on the need to develop and understand the best possible solutions to facilitate the cultivation vegetable gardens and the ‘agricultural economy in Burkina Faso.

John Spaliviero, project manager of solar greenhouses MK Onlus at Toéga in Burkina Faso, explained the requirements of the Sub-Saharan Africa in agriculture, focusing on the female figure, essential in the development of Burkina agro food, so much so that the local government advancing and promoting projects related to the cultivation of their gardens, they can not only meet the food needs of the population, but are able to financially support those who produce and is thus able to sell local products. Spaliviero has shown the excellent results of the new project of solar greenhouses, recently implemented in Burkina.

Salvatore Scicchitano, Irritec Agronomist has shown the value of water systems for the family and the development of horticultural economy in Burkina and with some attention also to other countries with water scarcity. “Irrigo” is the perfect solution for this kind of projects. A kit that contains everything you need to irrigate drip gardens with a value price point.

The “Solar Greenhouse” system was presented by its inventor, Paolo Franceschetti, who explained how the purification of  water occurs in special greenhouses that exploit the power of solar energy to make it drinkable. A simple and suitable for young people and women of Burkina, who deal constantly with farming. For the development of this project, the spread and growth need not only of ‘government commitment and industry but also to new economic impulses. Benedict spoke of what Vettori, banking expert, who has placed the ’emphasis on the potential of micro credit for an increase in the development of basic economics.

On cooperation between MK Onlus and Irritec has placed the accent Mme Site Giséle SOKO Zoma, a sociologist and expert trainer of Burkina Faso. “The social and economic changes of a village in Burkina with the availability of drinking water for drip irrigation are remarkable. Train women, young people and those who need it in the proper use of  water through technologies that save could be the real solution to the development of the agro food Burkina Faso” said Mme Giséle, noting that much is still to be done, but with the cooperation of Irritec and the government of Burkina reality you can get good results.

Great satisfaction for the success of the conference was expressed by all participants, especially the representatives of Burkina Faso, proud of the fruitful cooperation started with Irritec.

Irritec is among the first companies to have introduced in Italy 40 years ago products for drip irrigation. In addition to the five Italian plants, Irritec is present with manufacturing locations in Spain, Mexico, Brazil and the United States becoming a point of reference for the irrigation sector in the international arena. Important strategic and deposits are operating in Algeria and Germany. Thanks to an efficient production network, consisting of different realities subsidiaries and to a well-distributed sales network, products and services offered on a widespread reach more than 140 countries worldwide. Through the professionalism and expertise of more than 700 employees working in the world, Irritec caters to growers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers, from agriculture to gardening, from landscaping all’acquedottistica.

The MK Onlus appeared before the promotion association and social utility called “The Italian lions against disease killer of children NPO” with registered office in Venice Mestre (VE), in Via Mestrina n. 6. The Association, which was founded and is expected to grow mainly in the world Lionism Italian, with the support and the use of the tools available from Lions Clubs International, a not-for-profit, nonpartisan and nonsectarian and, in pursuing exclusive purpose of social solidarity, aims to raise funds to implement, directly or through the use of external structures, humanitarian initiatives aimed at improving the chances of survival and in general the quality of life for people and especially young people, with specific for the prevention and treatment of disease killer of children.

The next meeting of Irritec in Expo is scheduled for Friday, September 11th  with a conference organized in collaboration with the famous Slow Food Association, to explain the new project of “Orti in Condotta” to implement thanks to the kit “irrigo” produced and distributed by Irritec .


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