Irritec at EXPO 2015 to discuss about the water management strategy for a more sustainable food.

On Tuesday, June 30th, at the hall of the Ministry of Environment in Expo 2015, took place a conference organized by Irritec and Althesys on the theme “Feeding the Planet, Water for Life”. The efficient use of water resources around the world is among the main factors required to ensure sustainable food and economic, especially in areas at greater risk of drought. If Italy, for example, invest in advanced management and sustainable water use in agriculture, you could enjoy benefits totaling between 9.7 and 17.3 billion euro in three decades. The estimate is contained in the study presented at Expo Milano 2015 by Alessandro Marangoni, research coordinator and CEO of Althesys, during the conference “Feeding the planet, water for life. The water management strategy for sustainable food. ” The meeting analyzed the relationship between the food and the water, in the light of the different uses of water – between agricultural use, civil and industrial – and the role to which they are called the different actors involved. “Water – supported Marangoni – is a crucial factor for the competitiveness of Italian, considered that the productions irrigation make up 80% of exports. The use of efficient and innovative policies in water management provides considerable benefits from an economically, environmentally and socially. ” The optimization in water management – suggests research presented – has to be seen however in a logical system. On the one hand it is necessary to consider all the different areas of intervention and therefore the irrigation methods (drip irrigation and micro aspersion compared to aspersion), the management models in support to farmers, new technologies, such as delivery systems and automated the supply and distribution networks that replace the most inefficient open channels. On the other side you have to involve all the different stakeholders: farms, land reclamation, utilities, industry and institutions, in order to define consistent policies and coordinated between all actors and ultimate objective to reward more efficient production and greater value added. After the greetings of Giulia Giuffre, strategic marketing manager of Irritec and report Marangoni, CEO of Althesys, also attended Maria Adele Prosperoni of COLDIRETTI Alessandro Manzardo UNIVERSITY OF PADOVA, Andrea Aliscioni of METROPOLITANA MILANESE and Renato Drusiani of FEDERUTILITY .

At the end of the reports there was a panel discussion moderated by UNAGA journalist Fabrizio Stelluto which was attended by Nicola Costantino of ACQUEDOTTO PUGLIESE, Francesco Vincenzi ANBI, Giulia Giuffrè of IRRITEC, Damiano Simini LEGAMBIENTE, Manuela Kron of NESTLE’ and President of Regional Slow Food Rosario Gugliotta. At the end of the meeting the participants were accompanied in a guided tour through the Biodiversity Park built by Bologna Fiere and irrigated with Irritec products.

The Irritec is among the first companies to have introduced in Italy 40 years ago products for drip irrigation. In addition to the five Italian plants, Irritec is present with production plants in Spain, Mexico, Brazil and the United States becoming a point of reference for the irrigation sector in the international arena. Important strategic and deposits are operating in Algeria and Germany. Thanks to an efficient production network, consisting of different realities subsidiaries and to a well-distributed sales network, products and services offered on a widespread reach more than 140 countries worldwide. Through the professionalism and expertise of more than 700 employees working in the world, Irritec refers to growers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers, from agriculture to gardening, from landscaping and water utilities.

Althesys is an independent professional company specialized in strategic consulting and development of knowledge. It worksa with excellent skills in key sectors: environment, energy, infrastructure, utilities, in which assists companies and institutions.