Took Place on Monday, November 7th, in Rocca di Capri Leone the ceremony for the obtaining of certification of custom reliability, called AEO (Authorized Economic Operator).

The Director of customs office of Messina, Dr. Ivan Santi Spina, officially handed over the important certification to Irritec in front of Drs. Alfio Grimaldi, Santino Galletta e Vittoria Borelli (Customs Agency of Messina, Team AEO)

Carmelo Giuffrè, the logistics manager Mauro Giuffrè, the marketing manager Giulia Giuffrè, the Irritec finance office manager Francesco Quagliozzi and the quality manager Irritec Marco Nicolaci were present to welcome guests.

Irritec, with authorization number IT AEOF 16 1155, has achieved the certification of custom reliability, called AEO (Authorized Economic Operator), a strategic tool in the international supply chain and certification of reliability and safety in relation to import and export activities.

Given the strong international vocation of Irritec, the company considered strategic also obtain this prestigious authorization that confirms the reliability of Irritec as a company that complies with the new European customs legislation which is active according to the customs compliance standards, both in the performance of customs operations.