Irritec, with authorization number IT AEOF 16 1155, has achieved the certification of custom reliability, called AEO (Authorized Economic Operator), a strategic tool in the international supply chain and certification of reliability and safety in relation to import and export activities.

After the entry in force of the Unional Customs Code and international logistics system is interested by a further leap in quality to make the transport system more competitive, to speed the flow of goods and to increase the traffic import / export / transit .

Given the strong international vocation of Irritec, the company considered strategic also obtain this prestigious authorization that confirms the reliability of Irritec as a company complies with the new European customs legislation which is active according to the customs compliance standards, both in the performance of customs operations.

Specifically, the new EU Customs Code provides that the status of AEO certificate is not an only certificate, but with two types of authorization: AEO / customs simplifications (AEOC) and AEO / Safety (AEOS). The two types of authorizations may be held and, therefore, may be held at the same time ensuring the benefits associated with both permissions. Irritec has successfully managed to get both qualifying awards like AEOF Operator (AEO FULL).

Among the advantages of certification obtained there are:

In addition permission from indirect advantages such as:


The AEO authorization thus marks another important step in the growth process of Irritec, placing it among the leading companies in international trade and related customs compliance in a context that is gradually becoming more and more selective and restrictive for unauthorized operators.