Last Saturday has been to an end the adventure of Irritec at Expo Milano 2015. After well 184 days the Universal Exposition closed its doors with staggering numbers.

Irritec has participated as an official partner of Bologna Fiere at realization of the “Biodiversity Park” dealing with the design, installation and maintenance of the entire system of irrigation and emphasizing the key role of “drip” irrigation fundamental for the future of our planet as it ensures greater productivity of crops, improved crop growth, with a watchful eye to the protection of water resources.

In order to convey the importance of drip irrigation, as an opportunity and benefit to an agriculture more sustainable and can be produced more with less, with significant productivity and enviromental benefits, Irritec organized during the six-month of Expo well seven thematic workshops, focusing on the theme “Water” and made on a monthly basis, from June 16th to October 12th, in the media room of the “Theatre of the Earth,” just in the area adjacent the Biodiversity Park and near the Tree of Life, one of the ever-present symbols of Expo 2015.
Here are the titles of the seven thematic conventions of Irritec in Expo 2015:
“Pilot action in Burkina Faso – Women and the system of Drip Irrigation” and “Pilot action in Burkina Faso for the training of women to the solar system” in collaboration with MK Onlus, “Feeding the planet, water for life” and “More Crop per Drop” in collaboration with the company Althesys.
“360 Irrigation °” with GRUSI, Irrigation Study. “Sub irrigation in agriculture and in the parks”, developed with the input of users and customers Irritec order to expose a pattern dui Customer Testimonials.
“The function of the kit irrigated explained to  hobbistic world. The collaboration between Irritec and Orto in Condotta “in co-participation with Slow Food.

The events were attended by several customers, dealers, contractors, representatives of national and international government, academics, students and stakeholders: a substantial participation which helped to further popularize the brand Irritec. Expo accounted for Irritec a global showcase of excellence, for six months was able to show, even on this, the best of its technology, the forty years of experience and will, through research and development, to give a concrete answer needs of the planet and its balance.

Satisfaction was expressed by all the property to the company’s presence at the Universal Exposition. The Irritec thanks the numerous experts, participants in events, companies and agencies partners in the organization of meetings, visitors to the Biodiversity Park and all employees. A half rewarding and, above all, confirming the great commitment that Irritec has made in recent months with his presence in the Expo.
Appointment, therefore, the next major international events, during which Irritec still confirm its participation.