Irritec awarded the prestigious prize for competitiveness “Mimi La Cavera”, organized in its first edition by Confindustria Sicilia and dedicated to the historic leader of the Sicilian industrial.

The ceremony of the award took place last Saturday, November 28th, in the elegant Hall Ducrot of the Hotel Piazza Borsa in Palermo. The award was sponsored by Confindustria Sicilia, who returns again to call Sicindustria, as announced Antonello Montante President of the Confederation of Sicilians Industrialists, in collaboration with the family La Cavera, the University of Palermo and ENI and titled to “Mimi La Cavera”, the founder of the Sicilian Confindustria died in 2011. Rewarding a Sicily that focuses on industry and manufacturing as the only paths to development, reward companies that stand for a change and that can ensure a high social and economic change, this is the focus Award, perfectly in line with the key principles of Irritec and his business history.

The prize was awarded on the grounds of “ability to combine research, innovation and environmental development, revolutionizing the concept of irrigation; among the first companies to have introduced in Italy 40 years ago products for drip irrigation, it has become a benchmark for the sector in the international arena, contributing to the protection of water, white gold of the third millennium. ”

A miracle, one of those miracles that would have liked to industrial Mimi La Cavera“. So the journalist Felice Cavallaro described Irritec before reading the reasons expressed by jury awarding the prize. To receive the recognition Carmelo Giuffre, CEO and founder of the company, which excited told the entrepreneurial intuition that led to the founding of Irritec, to understand the needs of the market and particularly recalled how necessary it is to invest every day to grow and be competitive in the world market. Carmelo Giuffre wanted to thank all our resources working for the company and said that they represent an added value to the enterprise. The Chief of Irritec further stated that companies must complain with the development plans of government and economic opportunities made available by national and regional governments, but they should never forget to grow with its own forces, confronting the market risk, improving and investing in research and technology. “Unfortunately I have had the honor to meet Mimi La Cavera – said Carmelo Giuffre – but as said Mimi intelligence, initiative and  work will allow you to” be able to do miracles “for the development of  industry and our country. ”

The meeting was opened by Emma Marcegaglia, president of Confindustria and now former chairman of Eni, he spoke via Skype,and stressed the important role of Confindustria to provide more space for the South agenda management industrial policy of the country.
To be awarded, for the section start up the company of Palermo Ludwig and for the historic brand the company of  Trapani Nino Castiglione. The morning was focused not only on the memory of Mimi The Cavera, but also on an interesting debate attended by representatives of national and regional government, academics and representatives of the business world, entitled “From the dream of Mimi to the present day The industry in Sicily, yesterday, today and tomorrow “moderated by journalist Nino Amadore.