A total of 17,000 m2 of space reserved for factory and warehouse and the staff that increases to 80 employees. These are the numbers achieved by Irritec plant in Carmona, Spain. Irritec has, in fact, expanded its plant in Carmona, near Seville from 10,000 to 17,000 square meters, which allowed to increase the number of staff from 60 to 80 new jobs, largely covered by local citizens.

The Spanish plant has been recently visited by the Mayor of Carmona Juan Avila and the Councillor for Employment, Angelica Alonso. During the visit the Director of Irritec Iberia, Guillermo O’Shanahan showed them the new production expansion and the significant investments made by the company Irritec, headquartered in Italy in Capo d’Orlando (Sicily), and global leader in the production and commercialization of products for drip irrigation. Thanks to new investments in machinery, offices and warehouses, Irritec Spanish Plant, located in the Pilero industrial zone, has increased its production area and storage. From the production center of Carmona Irritec products forirrigation are distributed throughout the Iberian Peninsula, while 45 percent of them is exported to France, North Africa and Latin America.

Another major milestone for the company founded by Carmelo Giuffre that, from 1974 deals with irrigation systems and today, in addition to the 5 Italian plants, Irritec is present with production plants in Spain, Mexico, Brazil and the United States, becoming a point of reference for the irrigation sector in the international market.