The Earth Day is the name used to refer to the day that celebrate the environment and safety of the the planet Earth. The United Nations celebrate it every year on April 22th. Irritec supports the day with the daily commitment, dedicated to the design and manufacture of drip irrigation systems that are able to correctly use the water resources, implementing new technological systems that ensure significant water savings with optimum crop growth.

Irritec has underlined its mission even during Expo 2015, supporting the design of the Biodiversity Park. Biodiversity, in fact, is under severe threat from water crisis and more than 70% of the total water consumption is due to agriculture, so it is vital that it should adopt a sustainable eco strategy: essential, therefore, is the use of technological innovation in agriculture.

From IrriGo, the drip irrigation kit for your Urban Garden, to the Project Green Fields for disposal of the driplines, until the partnership with Slow Food for the national project Orto in Condotta, many are the initiatives and the projects supported by Irritec to safeguard the resource water and live in a sustainable way, taking care and love for the land in which we live.