On September 24th, in the Sala Alessi of Palazzo Marino, the seat of the City Council of Milan, it was held the press conference to present the project “Green City” Milano, sponsored by the City Council of Milan and the company h +. Irritec is the main sponsor of the initiative. After the providing the exclusive drip irrigation of Biodiversity Park in EXPO 2015 Irritec is proud  to offer products, planning, installation and maintenance to irrigate the “Garden inTransit “Lea Garofalo” (witness Justice that with his contribution has disrupted a cell of ‘Ndrangheta, one of more dangerous of Calabria, representing a culturale example for many other Calabrian women).
The Councillor of the Green City of Milan, Chiara Bisconti, during the press conference, announced and explained the three days completely dedicated to green, from Friday 2 to Sunday, October 4, 2015, will rediscover a Milan more suitable for nature. Chiara Bisconti thanked Irritec and Coop, main sponsors of the initiative and pointed out that the City of Milan, along with Irritec has already completed another project, called Orti in Condotta with schools, small steps for a greener and livable Milan.
The hope of the company is that this represents the first important step toward the shared goal of a city even more “green” and it’s only a beginning. The intention of Irritec is to ensure proper irrigation in garden areas to be redeveloped in Milan with a keen eye to water saving and eco-sustainability. For this the Irritec, world leader in the production and distribution of products for drip irrigation, has been involved for years in the fight against waste of water, not just among farmers but also among families. With the KIT irrigated, born from the research and development of solutions to ensure Irritec smart, you can drip irrigate their vegetable garden with a guaranteed saving both water and economically.
Next round of Green City, October 3, from 12:30, at the Garden “Lea Garofalo” Viale Montello, Zone 1 in Milan, with the inauguration of the plant designed and supplied by Irrigation Irritec. During the day it will also be made a practical demonstration of the use of irrigated kit, the kit of Irritec for drip irrigation of your garden or home garden.
The Irritec is among the first companies to have introduced in Italy 40 years ago products for drip irrigation. In addition to the five Italian plants, Irritec is present with manufacturing locations in Spain, Mexico, Brazil and the United States becoming a point of reference for the irrigation sector in the international arena. Important strategic and deposits are operating in Algeria and Germany. Thanks to an efficient production network, consisting of different realities subsidiaries and to a well-distributed sales network, products and services offered on a widespread reach more than 140 countries worldwide. Through the professionalism and expertise of more than 700 employees working in the world, Irritec caters to growers, distributors,
Green City Milan includes over 300 events spread throughout the city for the zero edition of the three days dedicated to green sponsored by the City of Milan with the participation of about 120 organizers. It ‘a popular event, attended by, on the one hand thought to network and enhance the excellence already active in the Milan area, and on the other to make known to all citizens of the many places and actors “green” in Milan, sometimes little known, with the objective of broadening the community of people who want to work for a city more and more “green”.