Irritec will take part, as official partner of Bologna Fiere, to the building of the “Biodiversity Park”. A park of 8,500 square meters officially presented during the event “The ideas of Expo” in Milan on Saturday, February 7th, at Hangar Bicocca, in the presence of the CEO and unique commissioner of Expo 2015 Giuseppe Sala, the Minister of the Environment Gian Luca Galletti and the President of Bolgona Fiere Duccio Campagnoli.

The project consists on two spaces: one outside where visitors can stroll among the landscapes of Italian biodiversity and one closed when on can learn about the history of biodiversity, thanks to technology, as well as attend to the various themed meetings organized in the theater / auditorium “Center of life”.

The Irritec has in charge the design, the installation and the maintenance of all the irrigation system of the “Biodiversity Park” highlighting the primary role of “drip” irrigation, crucial to the future of our planet as it ensures more productivity of crops, improved crop growth, with a view always turned to the protection of water resources.

The journey along the Italian excellence runs in five stages, for five different landscapes: from the plains with features expanses of arable land to the terraces, from the mountain pastures to the Mediterranean gardens. All these landscapes can be experienced in the outsider area of the Biodiversity Park, where it performs a real presentation of the five climatic areas / landscape that summarizes a Grand Tour of Italy, a sampling of agricultural landscapes that have transformed the Italian landscape: