From July 2014, IRRITEC is a member of RIGA, an European project financed by EU inside the scheme of “CIP – Eco – Innovation”. In addition to IRRITEC, two Spanish companies and two Belgian partners and CERSAA belong to RIGA.

The RIGA Project, started in July 2014, will come to end on December 31th of 2016. Two years of hard work allowed the new irrigation systems to achieve really promising results in comparison to the old ones. New pipes guaranteed a constant flow rate during the whole trial, as pressure inside tubes was maintained constant during the experimentation. The presence of anti‑microbial additive inhibited the fungal population growth inside pipes and small cracks and failures on drippers can be considered negligible. Last but not least, innovative pipes assured a comparable yield and crop quality, compare to the classical systems.

RIGA (Microirrigation plastic pipes and drips with anti-microbial and anti-roots functionalities) is focused on realize new irrigation systems based on standard polyolefin grades to achieve huge benefits. RIGA’S main goals are the decrease of plastic waste, the reduction of greenhouse gases emissions and water consumption, the elimination of toxic substances in comparison to actuals irrigation systems.

The experience of IRRITEC, for 40 years leader in the sector of irrigation, is perfectly combined with the objectives of the European project. The partnership with other leading companies allow to reach important goals in the sector of micro-irrigation.

New irrigation systems will compete against the classic ones ad will be safer for plants, animals and all environment.

Same result, less waste, many benefits.