A “cultural” operation among young people to raise awareness of water conservation and the proper use and a “smart” irrigation system to give  to the schools that are part of the Slow Food project “Orto in Condotta”.

Here’s how Irritec, from this year, become partners of the project of Slow Food Education. It has been talking about on Expo, last September 11th at the “Theatre of the Earth” during the conference organized by Slow Food and Irritec, entitled “The functioning of the kit Irrigo explained to the hobbistic world. The collaboration between Irritec and Orto in Condotta”, by Lorenzo Berlendis, vice president of Slow Food Italy. Although Italy is one of the European countries richest in water resources is the third largest net importer of virtual water in the world, after Japan and Mexico and ahead of Germany and the United Kingdom. From here the idea of ​​Irritec of a project focused on the education of children. By partnering with Orti in Condotta, a first intervention in schools, with the method of rewarding: about twenty of the schools that are part of the Slow Food project will receive a free mini irrigation systems  of last generation with very low use of water and energy, the kit Irrigo produced by Irritec.

To the Irrigo kit, will be place side by side a didactic part to let people know how important it is to the students to save water. “The needs facing to the world today – said Giulia Giuffre, Head of Strategic Marketing Irritec and Andrea Risso that is Irritec Product Manager – is to correct models of development, both in agriculture and industry but even more so. In short, with our support for the project Orto in Condotta by Slow Food – said the promoters of the iniziative- want to make a great contribution to the education conscious use of water resource, always be remembered that it is not unlimited and that it must be preserved carefully“.

During the morning, just before to the start of the conference, it was also shown a brief demonstration on the use of KIT IRRIGO for to a number of children of Milan’s school that had expressed their willingness to join the initiative promoted at the “Biodiversity Park”.

The meeting was also an opportunity to present the new national collaboration between Slow Food and Irritec.

Irritec is among the first companies to have introduced in Italy 40 years ago products for drip irrigation. In addition to the five Italian plants, Irritec is present with manufacturing locations in Spain, Mexico, Brazil and the United States becoming a point of reference for the irrigation sector in the international arena. Important strategic and deposits are operating in Algeria and Germany. Thanks to an efficient production network, consisting of different realities subsidiaries and to a well-distributed sales network, products and services offered on a widespread reach more than 140 countries worldwide. Through the professionalism and expertise of more than 700 employees working in the world, Irritec caters to growers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers, from agriculture to gardening, from landscaping to water utilities.

Slow Food is a major international non-profit association committed to give the right value to food, in respect of those who produce, in harmony with the environment and ecosystems, thanks to the knowledge of which they are custodians of territories and traditions. Slow Food is working every day in 150 countries to promote good nutrition, clean and fair for all. Slow Food is working to protect biodiversity, build relationships between producers and consumers, raising awareness on the system that regulates food production. In a vision that the roots to get to our tables, Slow Food promotes the right to land and supports the rights of the earth thanks to many initiatives that depart from the Slow Food “condotte” (local associations) to projects of international scope.


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