With the project “Orto in Condotta” Slow Food aims to improve the eating habits of children and families, as well as their relationship with the environment. So Irritec has decide to embrace the initiative of the well known association. Friday, September 11th , from 15.00, at the Theatre of the Earth at EXPO 2015, Irritec and Slow Food will present their new collaboration.

The teaching garden becomes the tool for introducing children to food and land in a fun and spontaneous, inter teaching  and multi-disciplinary allows you to enter the feeding within the school curriculum throughout the year, parent involvement It allows you to make a change not only in the refektory but also at home.

“Orto in Condotta” is a project born in 2006, is aimed at schools, primary and secondary, has a strong link with the local community and is a teaching tool to know the area, its products and its recipes . The goal is to educate the new generations to a healthy and pleasant, to the environment in line with the principles of the Slow Food “Yummy, Clean and Correct”. Orto in Condotta is part of the worldwide network of the School Garden, which also includes the “Thousand Gardens in Africa”. The common goal is to ensure local communities the daily availability of fresh and healthy food, improve quality of life, to economize, to transfer the knowledge of the elders to the younger generation, strengthening the spirit of cooperation.

Orto in Condotta is direct to teachers and families with lectures and meetings that address the major issues of food, from production to consumption. The educational project is conducted in Garden during major events of Slow Food through activities for school children and the public of the event. Every year Orto in Condotta celebrates its schools and its learning communities on the Feast of St. Martin, on 11 November.

In the morning hours of September 11, before the conference, it will be promoted a brief demonstration on the use of KIT channeled to a number of small schools in Milan who have already given their support for the initiative.


Acceptances to participate in the conference will be sent to the following address mailexpo2015@irritec.com

For further information please contact the offices of DAVISION +39 0941 922691 / +39 0941 922693