An innovative irrigation system that will guarantee a substantial water saving but also the most profitable growth of the different coltures.” Thus that, in the edition of 13:00 of yesterday, April 27th, the TG5 has defined the entire irrigation system with the brand IRRITEC installed inside the Biodiversity Park which stands majestically on the EXPO 2015.

The cameras of well-known Mediaset tele news entered for the first time in the heart of EXPO 2015, which will open in three days, just inside the Biodiversity Park. Irritec is an official partner of Bologna Fiere in the realization of the work, which, as explained by journalists Mediaset, will be the first thing that visitors from all parts of the world will be confronted.

The service of the broadcaster focused on the delivering of the Biodiversity Park.

A great work about 9,000 m2 within which the Irritec deals with the design, installation and maintenance of all the irrigation system, highlighting the crucial role of “drip” irrigation.

Biodiversity is threatened by water crisis, and over 70% of total water consumption is due to agriculture, it is essential to adopt a strategy that agriculture environmentally sustainable” – says Julia Giuffre, Head of Strategic Marketing of Irritec, to microphones of Channel 5, remembering, therefore, it is imperative for the use of technological innovation in agriculture.

All the different landscapes that characterize the Italian biodiversity and the most remarkable species of green will therefore existing players in the park of Biodiversity, all fully irrigated to “drop”, for a first taste of what promises to be an interesting trip through the beautiful landscape and Italian excellence.   here is the link edition, at 00:49 minutes on the service and Irritec the Biodiversity Park.