Leading role of Irritec also during this edition of EIMA International, the historic exhibition dedicated to agricultural machines, Agriculture and Gardening that took place from November 9th to 13th at the Bologna Exhibition Centre.

The ability to understand the needs of farmers, the desire to always be innovative with protecting the environment, the continuous progress of the company’s research in the irrigation sector, support to farmers thanks drip irrigation allowed to Irritec to shine at the HALL 22 stand A43 of the exhibition, as you can appreciate from the service broadcasted during the TG5 of November 14, 2016 edition of the 13 ((http://www.video.mediaset.it/video/tg5/full/663877/edizione-ore-13-00-del-14-novembre.html  minute 27:43 of the edition of 01 p.m. ). The service has been highlighted to the predominant role that Irritec holds, within the so-called “Circular Economy”, which allows to rationalize resources and reduce significantly waste. With drip irrigation, in fact, you can save up to 15% of water. “To produce 1kg of tomatoes – explains Giulia Giuffré Manager of Strategical Marketing – with drip irrigation saves 10 liters of water 50 liters of water for a kg of kg of arthicokes. Drip irrigation, therefore, guarantees 95% efficiency irrigation“.

Irritec was the star, not only in Pavilion 22 dedicated Irrigation, but also in MIA, the new exhibition pavillion dedicated to the Multi-functionality in Agriculture, where it explained through a video demonstration of how much you save water using drip irrigation systems in agriculture and what is the expenditure of water for the production of goods of consumer.

Irritec also presented in EIMA to the public the ambitious project Green Fields, thanks to which you can assist the farmer in the disposal phases of dripline from the field, getting a bonus on your next purchase of product Irritec, as a reward for disposal conscientious and who supports the environment.

The event, now in its 42nd edition, were directly involved in the manufacturing industries on every continent, exposing artifacts of high technology research, premieres, cutting-edge technologies. Promoted by FederUnacoma (National Federation of Agricultural Equipment Manufacturers) and organized by its service companies FederUnacoma surl, in collaboration with BolognaFiere, according to a rigorous merchandise division, also divided into the specialized exhibitions of EIMA Components, EIMA Green and EIMA EIMA Energy MiA, the exhibition allows a huge audience of professional operators to immediately focus on the areas of interest and to optimize business meetings.