The volume of irrigation for peaches should not exceed 3000 cubic metres/hectare per season

This varies with the climatic conditions and the crop varieties.


Peach trees are particularly sensitive to lack of water in the phases of:

In particular years where winter tends to be dry and when the growing season begins with very little moisture in the soil, it is advisable to irrigate with 500 cubic metres/ha in March.


With sprinkler irrigation systems, for optimum production we recommend the following interventions:

APRIL 2 cycles of 500 cu.m./ha. each

MAY 2 cycles of 500 cu.m./ha. each

JUNE 1 cycle of 500 cu.m./ha. for some later-cropping varieties.


For very early-cropping varieties, irrigation is recommended immediately after harvest, in order to accumulate reserves of nutrients and give comprehensive root development, which will have beneficial effects on the following year’s production.


With drip or trickle irrigation, the number of watering cycles could be increased to a maximum of 10, each with a volume of 300 cu.m./ha.