For the training of women to the “Serra solare” System (Solar Greenhouse system).

Expert speakers specialized in agro-food and health contributes in particular on the use of drinking water as economic and social development of African countries through the promotion of the role of women as point of efficiency for the family and for children’s health.

The social results of MK Onlus highlighting the rapid progress that can be made with the use of modern and efficient equipment with the use of solar power alone.

Exchange of experiences between young researchers from various Italian universities and presentation of positive experiences made in Burkina Faso.

Moderator: Maurizio Marchesi (TV journalist)

Speakers include:

We remind you that the events have a limited number of seats.

Acceptances to participate in the conference will be sent to the following mail adress

For further information please contact the offices of DAVISION +39 0941 922691 / +39 0941 922693