Welcome to the section to accommodate the profiles of people interested in career opportunities in the Group Irritec that is constantly looking for new talent to join its staff.

Application Process

To apply, simply submit your online profile, so that it can be immediately uploaded to our database and is available for consultation by the HR team.

By registering an account, by entering your email and password *, you can create or edit your professional profile and specify areas of interest for future job opportunities.

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Recruitment process

Upon completion of the application process, the curriculum is available to HR professionals Irritec for consultation. The recruitment is done at various levels of the organization and in all functions: Marketing, Sales, Logistics, Supply Chain, Finance and Control, Research and Development, Quality, Production, etc..
Experience and skills are assessed in relation to the requirements of open positions, if the profile meets the predefined criteria for an open position, the candidate is contacted.
Where applications are received of potential interest to the group and there are no open positions related cognitive interviews are carried out to assess the profile for future opportunities.
Irritec believes that its culture and values ​​are an important part of its success, so look for talents that combine specific technical skills with appropriate personal characteristics.