Works in progress, quickly getting closer¬†the works for the building of the “Biodiversity Park” made by Bologna Fiere for EXPO 2015. During these days the Irritec, partner of Bologna Fiere, is supplying the installation of the irrigation system using technologies that really respected the concept of EXPO, “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life“. The products used by Irritec ensure not only a water-saving, but, especially, a more profitable growth of the different crops.

In close cooperation with “Latifolia”, the other partner that has in charge the installation of the green, Irritec will use the irrigation method called to “drop”, both on surface than in subsurface. The products used are Irritec dripline P1 and iSiplast Tape. In addition for the whole part of the ornamental green Irritec use the Multibar Rootguard.

For trees and shrubs will be used both the drip line Multibar, than the drippers iDrop. Among other Irritec products also will used fittings Connecto, brand well known for its efficiency and quality.

It will be a journey through a path that will lead from Sicily to the Alps to discover the biodiversity that our nation can offer.

The “Biodiversity Park” is located in a strategic position in Expo 2015. From the East, in fact, it goes to the tree of life, symbol of the exhibition, introducing to the Italian Pavilion.

Compared to the schedule job status of “park of Biodiversity” at the moment is in advance of a few days and it is expected that by mid-April will be delivered in all its majesty and beauty.

Countless diversity of trees, plants, rocks and shrubs collected from their places of origin and positioned just inside the space reserved for the park to ensure maximum involvement in what that appears to already be an experience unique in its kind.